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110,000 pages and counting ~45,000 pages of Aligarh Institute Gazette ~5000 pages of Tehzibul AKhlaq All available Sir Syed letters and correspondences. ~60,000 pages of other historical documents

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Sir Syed Album



To the richness and tranquility of Aligarh’s residential life: the fun and excitement of the plying fields; the emotion and oratory of the union club; the concentration and dedication of the class-rooms; and above all the wit and humor of hostel life.

To the unsuffocating atmosphere of Aligarh, the affection and paternal care of the hostel authorities for the inmates, the espirit de corp among students, and their sense of service towards both the community; and the nation.

To the excellence in studies, achievement in sports and courage of convictions that Aligarh symbolized.

To the father-like and selfless teachers — devoted and kind, affectionate and loving — who molded with care and concern young and restless spirits, from different regions and religions, into Aligarians; who jealously^ guarded the traditions of the University; and passed them on from generation to generation.

In short to sir syed's dream of a musum Oxford

which today is being trampled over unfortunately by those who should preserve and uphold it?

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