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Sir Syed Album
Sir Syed Album

attempting to establish an institution by the charitable contributions of the public, and this you only have succeeded in doing and for this great deed your name will run down in history and potently will turn to you a reverential eye."

When Lord Lytton laid the foundation-stone of this College, Syed Ahmad gave expression to his earnest hopes in these words:

"That this College may expand into a University, whose sons shall go forth through the length and breadth of the land to preach the gospel of free enquiry, of large-hearted toleration and of a pure morality."

In fact Sir Syed stood for: dynamic movement of society according to the needs of the time; supremacy of 'reason' in all matters, worldly and spiritual; liberty of conscience and freedom of expression; hard work and incessant struggle for the betterment of society; secular approach in human relationship and a concept of 'nation' which overrode all parochial considerations. He has, thus, contributed many essential elements to the development of modern Indian society and is certainly one of its most distinguished architects.

T.W. Arnold once said about him:

"... if true greatness pray be attributed to any man, it is indeed the due of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. How often among the great names of history has been found so rare and marvelous combination of excellences and talents. At once theologian, scholar, social reformer, politician, author, journalist, his influence was not that of the retired thinker whose words may stir the minds of men from the seclusion of his study, but Sir Syed came forth into the open world as a leader among men, ready to do battle against all for the sake of what he held to be right and true. Where in the whole history of India will you find another instance of a man such as he...?"

This album aims at providing a memory lane in which Sir Syed can be seen from different angles and in different positions. It may awaken many historic visions and memories and Sir Syed's message may be heard echoing down the corridors of time.

I am beholden to Mr. Muhammad Ahmad for undertaking the publication of this album and to Mr. Said ul Hasan for his expert help in photography.


KA Nizami

Aligarh, October 17, 1983

On the occasion of the 166th birth anniversary of Sir Syed

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