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Sir Syed Album
Sir Syed Album

Sir Syed in Hyderabad


Standing R to L : chaubdar, Syed Zain uddin, Maulana Shibli,

Mustafa Khan of Khurja, Syed Ahmad Ali, Nawab Nazir Jang, peon
: Maulvi Iqbal Ali (judge), Zain ul Abidin, Qazi Raza Hasan (Patn.O

Sir Syed, Mohsin ul Mulk, Syed Imtiaz Ali.
: son of Nawab Nazir Jang.

SirSyed led first delegation to Hyderabad in 1882. Last visit took place 1891. The above photograph was taken in 1891. The delegation was warmly received and the Nizam increased the grant from one thousand a month to two thousand. In the Address presented to the Nizam special mention was made of the financial difficulties the Institution was facing at that time. 'The salary of the Professor of Law is paid by collecting donations of Rs. 5/ and Rs. 10/- from the well-wishers of the College."


Sir Syed sent this painting to Nawab Mukhtarul Mulk Syed Turab All Khan of

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