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About Sir Syed Prayers
About Sir Syed Prayers


Maulana Ismail Panipati included the two prayers in the first volume of the of “Maqalat-e Sir Syed”. He thought it appropriate to initiate the book chapters with Sir Syed prayers. These prayers that were offered in a general public addresses provide us a unique opportunity to evaluate the love and affection of Sir Syed towards not only his religion, Islam, but also his people, the common fellow Muslims. It is easy to feel the pain that Sir Syed felt at the time and how he made “Duas” to seek forgiveness from Allah and to alleviate the sufferings. The first prayer was offered after Queen Victoria declared a general amnesty of the people after tumultuous events of 1857. Sir Syed was in Moradabad at the time and he organized a general assembly of people at the shrine of Shah Bulaqi Saheb on 28th July, 1859 to welcome and thank the Queen for the peaceful gesture. The prayer is cited in “Hayat-e Jawed, Part, 1, Hali, page 150) as well as in “Maqalate Sir Syed, Panipati, Vol. 1, page 32). The second prayer was offered in a general public gathering on 27th February, 1872 (Tehzibul Akhlaq, 1289 AH & Maqalate Sir Syed, Panipati, Vol. 1, page 32).


Hali stated in Hayate Jawed, “In the prayers (Duas), Sir Syed implored God in very simple Urdu - there were no flowery words, no euphemism and no artificiality in it. The words were simple and sentences spontaneous. But each and every sentence tells us that the ruin of the Muslims had created tremendous anxiety in him which was not decreasing; rather it was increasing every day. It indicates that such feelings would not leave Sir Syed till his last breath. It seems proper to me to quote that supplication to God verbatim because its words show the real condition of Sir Syed's heart”.


Although, a long period of about 150 yrs has passed since Sir Syed first recited the above prayers, the conditions of Muslims have not changed as much. Muslims are still lagging far behind in modern education and economic opportunities as compared to others. Muslims countries are still being subjugated by others whether it is Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan. The dates of 1857 are easily replaced by 2004 and 2009 etc. Muslims are being killed on daily basis with no accounting. During the 1857 they were labeled as “Mutineers” and now they are classified as “Extremists or Fundamentalists”. Muslims are still losing their home, properties, and driven out of their homeland just like in the aftermath of “1857”.


I felt appropriate to put the above two prayers to start the website ‘www.SirSyedtoday.Org”. The prayers recited by Sir Syed, some 150 years ago, are still applicable as they were during the time of Sir Syed. I feel fortunate to recite the words that Sir Syed himself recited and perhaps feel somewhat closer to him and seek forgiveness from Allah on this first day of the Holy month of fasting (Ramadhan, 2009).


Masarrat Ali

1st Ramadhan

Aug. 22, 2009 (Saturday)

San Antonio, Texas



1st Prayer (1859)


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2nd Prayer (1872)


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